• Top 10 Wedding Movies



    Planning a wedding for hundreds or even dozens can be exhausting. Take a few minutes from your very busy wedding planning schedule and relax with a wedding themed movie. You’ll probably see yourself in there somewhere, and who knows… even laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

    Here is our list of the Top 10 Wedding Movies:

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    What makes My Big Fat Greek Wedding the perfect wedding movie is because anyone with a close family knows that there is no such thing as planning a “small” wedding. Quickly the bride loses control of her own wedding and lets everyone else take over. It’s also one of the few “wedding” movies a guy will actually watch.

    Father of the Bride
    Both Father of the Bride movies (the original and the remake) are classics. Every father can identify with the utter chaos and expense of hosting his daughter’s perfect wedding and although he cringes at the idea of paying for ice sculptures and swans he’ll do anything for his little girl.

    The Birdcage
    We all know how much fun it is to meet the future in-laws. The Birdcage, although eccentric, embodies what it is like when two worlds are forced to collide simply for the happiness of their children.

    The Wedding Planner
    No one understands how hectic and insane wedding preparations can be like a wedding planner. But it also demonstrates that if everything is organized properly even the biggest weddings and run smoothly. However, if your Wedding Planner looks like Jennifer Lopez avoid introducing her to your groom. 

    Monsoon Wedding
    The title really says it all. Monsoon Wedding shows that big weddings are large and chaotic all over the world, especially when mixing old traditions and customs with modern life.

    My Best Friend’s Wedding
    Let’s hope your fiancé’s best friend isn’t in love with him and is secretly trying to ruin your wedding, but the plot makes for a pretty funny movie. If nothing else it gives you some signs to look for just in case someone else is in love with your guy.

    The Wedding Singer
    Although the Wedding Singer opens with a groom being left at the altar, the rest of the movie reminds us how sweet it is to fall in love.

    27 Dresses
    Almost every girl knows what it is like to be a bridesmaid, but 27 times is a little excessive. In this cute romantic comedy Jane learns than when she stops worrying about everyone else’s marital bliss she just might find her own.

    Corpse Bride
    So it’s not the most traditionally romantic wedding themed movie on the DVD shelf; however, it gives a different perspective of the commitment with a Tim Burton twist. And really, how many romantic comedies can you sit through?

    Runaway Bride
    It’s not always the groom that gets cold feet. In Runaway Bride, Julia Roberts leaves at least four men standing at the altar. Sometimes second thoughts and cold feet are ok, just don’t do leave it to the very last minute. On second thought, don’t watch this movie with your guy, it just might scare him.

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